Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkins, bats and ghosts, OH MY!

LOL. i love halloween!

wednesday i saw my doctor. we spent an hour just talking about pulmonary embolisms, and all the risks and whatnot that go along with my condition. I really feel so lucky that they caught it before something bad happened. The statistics of people who have serious and often fatal consequences amazes me. After looking at my blood tests that were done in the hospital my doctor concluded that i am NOT diabetic like they told me while in the hospital, and i have some markers of genetic predisposition to blood clots. (thanks fam for all the great genes you passed down to me) On the plus side tomorrow is the last day i have to give myself the at home injections! my poor stomach is one big purple bruise. I did scare myself a little yesterday, i cut my finger while carving the pumpkins, and it bled for what seemed like ages.

yesterday Landon and i carved our pumpkins. He made his a mad face, and mine is just a silly face. as you can see from the pictures im no artist with a pumpkin! but it was fun. landon did not enjoy cleaning the pumpkins out though, he said it was gross. then we made halloween cupcakes, most of which went to jake for his birthday today.

today landon and i went trick-or-treating in downtown rogue river. jake was supposed to come but bailed on us. landon and i had a blast anyway! and it was my first big walk since i got sick, and it felt good, but i am tired from it. landon decided to be a pirate, but the costume i got him last year was a little big, so he ended up being spiderman. and if i may say so i think he's the cutest little spiderman ever!

it's 11:00 and i just got landon to bed a few minutes ago. tonight and last night he cried and cried and cried till he finally feel asleep. he is having a rough time right now. sometimes he seems fine, and then he'll cry and say stuff that makes me realize he's not okay. im really glad he's in therapy, poor kid. im sure it dosent help that jake didnt call to say goodnight. to busy partying & celebrating his birthday i guess. it seems like if i dont call him to let landon say goodnight he dosen't call, and it bothers me to no end.oh well, landon and i will learn to deal with this too. but if you think about it, please pray for landon. he dosen't deserve the pain that Jake's selfishness is causing. and on that note, im off to bed, im exhausted.

landon & his pumpkin
landon & I's pumpkins
spiderman landon trick-or-treating today


Monday, October 25, 2010

Im home

well, thankfully my insurance covered my at home injections, so i got to come home today. Landon and i are both very happy to be home. The hospital wasnt to bad though, for all i complained about it. Jake spent the night saturday night to keep me company, which was surprisingly nice. When he brought me home today he cleaned the house and took care of the dog so that i wouldnt have much to do and could relax. I was suprised at that too...sometimes he can be so nice i almost forget the bad and the pain...but i really have come to a sense of peace about all the pain and the heartache, and i look forward to all that God has in store for me.

okay back to my health, LOL. i have 4 more days of the injections, and 6 months of the oral blood thinners. i have to be careful now that i dont cut myself because i could bleed pretty bad. i see the doctor on wednesday, and have labs at the beginging of next week to make sure my INR levels(blood thinness level) are where they should be.

my cousin sheril came to visit me at the hospital last night. It was actually a really good visit. Because of Jake, no because of a decision i made based on jake's opinions, i stopped having contact with some of my family here in oregon, and it's suprised me how much i miss some of them. sheril and i used to be very close, and i always loved talking to her when i had problems. So maybe that relationship can be healed now. She brought me some homemade pumpkin soup, and some mini pumpkins from her garden. The soup was delicious, but i forgot to take it with me when i left the hospital. at least i got to enjoy half of it.

so now im home. and even though i realize how close i came to serious problems, and death( as so many have felt the need to point out to me) im glad that i woke up sick friday and that nothing worse happened. Thank God. Now im going to go to bed cause i am exhausted. night all.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

my hospital drama

so i woke up friday morning, and i felt really strange. my heart was racing, i was dizzy, shaky, sweaty, and nauseated. i had no idea what was wrong with me so i called my doctor. his nurse listened to my symptoms and called me an ambulance. when they arrived my blood pressure was high, and so was my pulse. they took me to three rivers hospital in grants pass. the doctors in the ER did a EKG and a CT scan. the CT scan showed 6 blood clots in my lungs. we aren't sure what caused them, maybe my oral contraceptive. at this point the why dosent matter, just treating them does. i started a regimen of blood thinners yesterday, both oral and injection. tonight the doctors going to teach me to do the injection one myself. i think i can handle it, the needles pretty small.

okay, so i just did my first injection. it was so no big thing. anyway, so i might get to go home tomorrow, maybe monday. we're not sure yet. it's been a nice break to not have to cook or clean and have everyone worry about me and fawn over me. even jake came last night, called a bunch of times all night, and is coming back tonight to keep me company(or so he says, we'll see) Denise and Ed came to visit, and so did madi and elijah. i cant wait to go home though, and be with landon and just focus on our lives. and of course next weekend is Halloween. Landon is already excited for trick-or-treating. though he still is unsure as to what he wants to be LOL. okay, enough for now im going to try and relax before i go to bed. night all!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starting fresh

i decided, since things are starting fresh in my life, that i would start a fresh new blog. Since i had no privacy from prying eyes on my old blog, and since all the blogs there mean nothing now, im staring fresh with this blog.

So let me catch you up on things. Sunday Landon and I went with Denise and Ed(my aunt and uncle) to the pumpkin patch. We went to the one in Fort Vannoy, outside of grants pass. It was awesome. Landon was so excited all week to be going. When we got there we had hot apple cider, Landon got his face painted, and then we rode the tractor ride down to the corn maze. The corn maze was like 4 acres, it was HUGE! it was so much fun though. After that we went to the pumpkin patch and picked our pumpkins right off the vine. of course Landon choose a nice big pumpkin. LOL. after that denise and landon shot a pumpkin out of the pumpkin cannon, which was the coolest thing ever! the pumpkin shot like 400 yards, it went so far! After the pumpkin patch we went to McDonalds for lunch, which thrilled landon to no end. It really was a great day, just what landon and I needed after the week we had. It did suck a little that once we got there i discovered my camera's batteries were dead, but Ed got some good pics on his cell phone.

getting his face painted
His spiderman face
Denise, Landon and I in the pumpkin patch

In a week is Halloween, and Landon still is undecided on what he wants to be. He has several dress up costumes that we got him last year for christmas, so his options are G.I Joe, pirate, spiderman, capatain america, or a transformer. I think he'll end up being a pirate, like he was 2 years ago, but he'll still be cute! He's already excited for trick or treating, and i think it'll be fun to take him this year since he's old enough to really appreciate it.