Monday, October 25, 2010

Im home

well, thankfully my insurance covered my at home injections, so i got to come home today. Landon and i are both very happy to be home. The hospital wasnt to bad though, for all i complained about it. Jake spent the night saturday night to keep me company, which was surprisingly nice. When he brought me home today he cleaned the house and took care of the dog so that i wouldnt have much to do and could relax. I was suprised at that too...sometimes he can be so nice i almost forget the bad and the pain...but i really have come to a sense of peace about all the pain and the heartache, and i look forward to all that God has in store for me.

okay back to my health, LOL. i have 4 more days of the injections, and 6 months of the oral blood thinners. i have to be careful now that i dont cut myself because i could bleed pretty bad. i see the doctor on wednesday, and have labs at the beginging of next week to make sure my INR levels(blood thinness level) are where they should be.

my cousin sheril came to visit me at the hospital last night. It was actually a really good visit. Because of Jake, no because of a decision i made based on jake's opinions, i stopped having contact with some of my family here in oregon, and it's suprised me how much i miss some of them. sheril and i used to be very close, and i always loved talking to her when i had problems. So maybe that relationship can be healed now. She brought me some homemade pumpkin soup, and some mini pumpkins from her garden. The soup was delicious, but i forgot to take it with me when i left the hospital. at least i got to enjoy half of it.

so now im home. and even though i realize how close i came to serious problems, and death( as so many have felt the need to point out to me) im glad that i woke up sick friday and that nothing worse happened. Thank God. Now im going to go to bed cause i am exhausted. night all.


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