Saturday, October 23, 2010

my hospital drama

so i woke up friday morning, and i felt really strange. my heart was racing, i was dizzy, shaky, sweaty, and nauseated. i had no idea what was wrong with me so i called my doctor. his nurse listened to my symptoms and called me an ambulance. when they arrived my blood pressure was high, and so was my pulse. they took me to three rivers hospital in grants pass. the doctors in the ER did a EKG and a CT scan. the CT scan showed 6 blood clots in my lungs. we aren't sure what caused them, maybe my oral contraceptive. at this point the why dosent matter, just treating them does. i started a regimen of blood thinners yesterday, both oral and injection. tonight the doctors going to teach me to do the injection one myself. i think i can handle it, the needles pretty small.

okay, so i just did my first injection. it was so no big thing. anyway, so i might get to go home tomorrow, maybe monday. we're not sure yet. it's been a nice break to not have to cook or clean and have everyone worry about me and fawn over me. even jake came last night, called a bunch of times all night, and is coming back tonight to keep me company(or so he says, we'll see) Denise and Ed came to visit, and so did madi and elijah. i cant wait to go home though, and be with landon and just focus on our lives. and of course next weekend is Halloween. Landon is already excited for trick-or-treating. though he still is unsure as to what he wants to be LOL. okay, enough for now im going to try and relax before i go to bed. night all!


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