Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkins, bats and ghosts, OH MY!

LOL. i love halloween!

wednesday i saw my doctor. we spent an hour just talking about pulmonary embolisms, and all the risks and whatnot that go along with my condition. I really feel so lucky that they caught it before something bad happened. The statistics of people who have serious and often fatal consequences amazes me. After looking at my blood tests that were done in the hospital my doctor concluded that i am NOT diabetic like they told me while in the hospital, and i have some markers of genetic predisposition to blood clots. (thanks fam for all the great genes you passed down to me) On the plus side tomorrow is the last day i have to give myself the at home injections! my poor stomach is one big purple bruise. I did scare myself a little yesterday, i cut my finger while carving the pumpkins, and it bled for what seemed like ages.

yesterday Landon and i carved our pumpkins. He made his a mad face, and mine is just a silly face. as you can see from the pictures im no artist with a pumpkin! but it was fun. landon did not enjoy cleaning the pumpkins out though, he said it was gross. then we made halloween cupcakes, most of which went to jake for his birthday today.

today landon and i went trick-or-treating in downtown rogue river. jake was supposed to come but bailed on us. landon and i had a blast anyway! and it was my first big walk since i got sick, and it felt good, but i am tired from it. landon decided to be a pirate, but the costume i got him last year was a little big, so he ended up being spiderman. and if i may say so i think he's the cutest little spiderman ever!

it's 11:00 and i just got landon to bed a few minutes ago. tonight and last night he cried and cried and cried till he finally feel asleep. he is having a rough time right now. sometimes he seems fine, and then he'll cry and say stuff that makes me realize he's not okay. im really glad he's in therapy, poor kid. im sure it dosent help that jake didnt call to say goodnight. to busy partying & celebrating his birthday i guess. it seems like if i dont call him to let landon say goodnight he dosen't call, and it bothers me to no end.oh well, landon and i will learn to deal with this too. but if you think about it, please pray for landon. he dosen't deserve the pain that Jake's selfishness is causing. and on that note, im off to bed, im exhausted.

landon & his pumpkin
landon & I's pumpkins
spiderman landon trick-or-treating today


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