Friday, December 17, 2010

prepping for christmas

today i finally finished all my Christmas shopping, except for a few small stocking stuffers i need to get Landon. i wanted to stray this year from mostly candy and do mostly small toys. i got a few candy items, and a Christmas edition hot wheel car, and im thinking maybe 2 more small toys will be enough.
Landon is up the wall excited for Christmas. he has an advent calendar, one of the kinds with a piece of chocolate behind each of the windows that count down till Christmas. I always use to have them as a kid, so i figured i would do that for Landon too. I just love making traditions with him. i love passing on things that i loved as a kid, and seeing him love them too. I wish more of our family was closer, so that they could be involved as well. But we have gma trudy, and Denise and Ed, so we're okay. And of course my wonderful family of friends(Madi, Vana, Ashley, Kenzie, Kelly, Dawn, Chany)
Sometimes it's easy to be overwhelmed by the the things that hurt, and the past few months have been full of those things. But more and more im learning to change my focus to those things which are good. Landon and I really are SOOO blessed. We have family and friends who love and care for us. We have our health, our home, and a God who died for us. Maybe we go without some things that we want sometimes, but we have everything we need.
So, 5 days till my birthday and 8 days till christmas. YAY.

also, thought i would share this...

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