Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love how i told myself i wouldn't go weeks without blogging, and then i went a month. LOL, sorry. The finalizing of my divorce on January 3rd brought about some...very angry feelings in me, that i am still struggling with. But i am trying very hard, not wanting to let the anger and bitterness take over me. It's hard, especially when Jake feels the need to call me and act like we're friends, like nothing is wrong between us. GRRRRR that bugs me

Moving on...Sunday, the 30th, was my cousin Rachel's baby shower in Eugene. I went with Denise, and it was awesome. Joy and 2 of the kids met us there, so i got to see her and meet little Luke for the 1st time, which was very nice. Plus i got to see Rachel, and spend some time getting to know her, which i enjoyed. Rachel's shower was very nice, in a VERY nice neighborhood in Eugene. The food was AMAZING, like something out of martha stewart living. Rachel got a lot of very cute girly clothes, including some her mom had saved to hand down to her. After the shower joy, denise, rachel, donna and the kids and I all went out to dinner. It was nice to spend some more intimate time talking and catching up. I put the pics up on facebook for anyone who wants to see them.

Im hoping that this month we will be getting our tax money back. I really hate being without a vehicle and having to rely on others for rides. Especially when not everyone is reliable, and it leaves me hanging. Plus im hoping to have enough to get a new bedset for me. Slowly but surely im re-doing my house to change the feel of it from "our" home to "my" home. I plan on switching the bedrooms to give landon the bigger room, since he has more stuff than me. i already changed the bathroom, and i LOVE it. it's all bright happy colors, with polka dots, stripes and stars. Again, you can see the pics of FB.

Now im going to go take a claritin, the maintenance guys are blowing and trimming outside and it's starting to bug my nose. Hopefully ill be keeping up blogging regularly again.

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