Thursday, February 24, 2011

lameness...and some catch up

I was supposed to get my tax return on friday the 18th...and didnt. come to find out i mixed up 2 of the numbers in my account number, so the bank rejected the return, sent it back to the IRS and now i have to wait for them to send me a paper check, 3-4 weeks they said. LAME! that money would come in handy like, now...oh well.

there is something i dont understand about relationships. Why are we so hard and critical of the ones we love. why do we verbally tear down the people we claim are our friends? Im am so tired of my life being the topic of people's conversations. My life, my child, and my relationship are my buisness and no one else's!!!! You wanna play the talk shit game? cause i could lay ALL your shit on blast, and your closet has just as many skeletons as mine! But i dont and i wont, because that is NOT what friends do to each other!!!!!My life is not perfect, i am not perfect. sometimes i mess up, sometimes my house is messy, and sometimes i swear or say things that are inappropriate...guess why? im human, i mess up! just like you do! so next time you feel the need to talk about me and my life, why dont you be a big girls and say it to my face!

The past few days the weather here in southern oregon has been CRAZY! we've had rain, sun, crazy winds, and even snow in the past few days. i guess the ground hog must have seen his shadow and we're in for 6 more weeks of winter!which is okay with me, unless the weather gets in the way of landon and i's walks.

I finally got with the program and got netflix! well, actually im sharing an account with someone, but for $5 a month it rocks! without cable i dont get to watch alot of tv, which is good, but i have missed a few of my shows, plus netflix has all the great movies you can's awesome!

Landon is doing well, except for some attitude issues. He is a smart mouth, which im sure he got from me...i know my mother would just laugh and tell me im getting what i deserve if i told her, LOL...and she's be right! it seems like nothing works, but then today(after he spent all yesterday afternoon in his room and went to bed early) he had a great day with no problems, so maybe he does get it. Everyone says it's probably cause of the divorce, though i think some it is also that Landon's gma now is to busy for him. I knew when her daughter and grandson moved back that she would not take him every weekend and would devote more time to her actual grandson(as she should), but i can also see that it hurts Landon. So we're establishing a new weekend normal, trying to build in a new consistency. so far so good!Now im off to do the dinner dishes, and then im going to watch a movie, give myself a mani, and head to bed.


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