Friday, February 25, 2011

so fed up!!!

i am so fucking fed up of Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay sorry for the swearing but i am so angry! I will never understand him and his b.s attitude and stupidity! Don't claim you love your son more than anything when you spend less than 24 hours a week with your son! Don't claim that you love your son and would do anything for him when you don't EVER pay your child support on time. And don't even pay a fair amount of child support! You make promises you don't keep, frequently make up excuses why you can't take Landon on your ONE night a week. You call, maybe 3 times a week to say goodnight, not every night like you promised Landon you would. You constantly ask me for help, and expect me to do things for you, but you are NEVER honest with me about anything. You never help me but expect me to help you? Seriously??? umm...NO...maybe you should lay off the booze and pot, i think it's killing what little brain cells you have.

And you know what, jake, your family sucks too! Landon has biological grandparents who live 15 minutes away from him and NEVER see him or contact him or have anything to do with him unless it's easter, thanksgiving, or christmas. They forget his birthday, they never have anything to do with him, and in the 5 years he's been alive they have babysat him ONE time, and only because i had surgery and you had to take care of me. They also often, in front of Landon, make comments about how they think that landon is not even your child. that is MESSED THE EFF UP!!!! it's sickening, it's sad, and it pisses me off!

Im not saying that my family is better...okay actually they are better than that! yes, i have family in GP who i dont speak to and who aren't a part of my life...i partly have you to thank for that. hopefully someday that will change, and we will be a family again...but in the mean time we are civil to each other and still love each other. we don't deny each other and talk bad about each other like your family does.

If you're going to be the biggest deadbeat douchebag on the planet, go ahead and be that person. but stop acting like you're some great person and father. Your mask dosen't fool as many people as you think it does! You can act like god's gift to women but the people around you know that everything you say is a LIE, and we know that you really are a snake, who cares only about himself, and what he can get from the people around him. You will do anything to get what you want, and it makes me sick!

after spending 5 years being your doormat, and doing everything for you, im starting to really hate the person you are. Even getting past the abuse, physical and emotional, their is the way you manipulate people. Even now you twist things to make them my fault. The domestic violence classes you took made it even worse. Not only are you manipulative, but now you know how to be sneakier about it. GROW UP! i'd say man up but your not a man, you're a stupid little boy with a temper problem!!!!

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How could anyone not adore this amazing little man?
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Okay, on a nice note, we had snow last night. It wasnt much and didnt last long, but it was pretty!

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