Friday, February 25, 2011

things that make me happy

i was cleaning out my old myspace blogs, and found this list i had made of things that make me happy. i decided to post it here(revised of course) so i could always remember it.

madi's excitment at getting landon to say "west side laaaaate"
landon saying "ay bay bay"
chinese food
the house on "L" Street, before everything went bad
madi stabbing jake with a butter knife
reading old letter and remembering the "old days"
reminiscing over old pictures
calling annette "nutty bar"
madi-pants when she laughs at me laughing, cause when i laugh really hard no sound comes out
calling jodi in the middle of the night just cause i know she'll be awake to talk
jodi's car
"kerby" madi's car
Miss Honey, my honda
Miss Daisey, my buick
"trinket" my toyota
"pheobe" my nissan
"pickles' my mini van
Calling Louise "wheezy cheesy"
Reminising about Louise and all the good times we had(R.I.P)
madi's hatred of all things romantic
my sister calling me to complain about my mom
Nirvana's "sexy" face
that i understand madi speak(it's a foreign lanuage, i swear)
The sink sgetti story
telling the sink sgetti story with jay-r and madi, laughing our asses off & everyone else giving a pity laugh and thinking we're dumb
knowing jay-r always has my back
jay-r and i getting "stuck" on the "bear skin" rug
madi and i's obsession with olive garden and mouth orgasm cheesecake
jay-r and i singing "a whole new world"
zak making jake kiss his knee
when landon says "mommy"
splashing in puddles
dancing in the rain
hot chocolate when it's cold
the movie "little women"
a good book
hot bubble baths
the way landon snuggles up to me when he's tired
snuggling under lots of blankets when it's cold
knowing that madi's room will always be messy
shopping with madi
knowing that madi has my back
going to the park and taking 4 rolls of pictures of us doing nothing
christmas cartoons
wal-mart butt cam
drinking baileys in the closet with madi "potato"
italian food
root beer schnapps
tattoos with stupid meaning
my nose ring
candle light
laying under the christmas tree and looking up through the branches
ornaments that do stuff
carving pumkins
making the gingerbread house
baking christmas goodies
going to ashland to play in the snow
annette, madi and i taking 13 pictures of ourselves because we thought the camera wasn't working
the old days when we all used to go to 'the edge"
Calvin and Hobbes
baby kisses
watching landon discover things
getting my nails done
looking back and realizing how much everyone has changed
"the pirate ship"
disney movies
trashy romance novels
vanilla chai tea(tastes like christmas)
christmas leftovers
my birthday
sub shop with madi
the golf course
vertical drive
starlight, when we used to go play in the unfinished houses
root beer floats
malibu rum and malibu barbies
long island ice tea
remembering how jade and i met, and thongs
old black and white horror movies
my friends
road trips finding out that beaverton dosen't exsist
stalking the house with jessica and vana
"skank-a-rella" and all the crazy IM we sent each other when i lived in cali
hiding in the bushes with jodi
texting people cause i'm to lazy to call
my little monkey boy
when landon tells me stories and i don't understand a word he says
landon being afraid of the ducks
monopoly games that last forever
playing risk on the playstation with doug and wes
playing dice and winning 4 times in a row
going to mexico
shooting with AJ in newport
playing paintball
ice skating(mostly on my butt)
Sealy and his craziness
being free of abuse
playing with landon
watching lady in the water with vana, eating cotton candy and drinking boones farm
jay-r getting stuck on dustins loft at the halloween party wearing high heeled boots
the leaf blower blowing jay-r's chip onto the floor, him eating thinking nobody was watching, then finding out it was on camera
when we get home from shopping and madi always says "it's like christmas!"
taking kerby(madis car) and going "mudding"
leea crushing the soda can on sasquatches head
doing the "taser twitch" and making madi laugh so hard she almost snorts
fall leaves changing colors
rediscovering who i am alone
elijah bear
logan and his curly hair
seeing my friends experience the joy of motherhood
my sister in culinary school
my mom being happy with OC
conner james and his cute laugh
ashley and kelly
snow days in the mountains
dr. pepper
singing along to veggie tales
knowing that i'm forgetting lots of things that make me happy


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Tiffers said...

That's a good list! :) I would make one but omg, it'd be days long! I love the simplest things, too. I don't even wanna think that hard all at once. My brain would be fried! LoL!!!!