Sunday, March 13, 2011


let's start with the storm! it was CRAZY!!! Landon and i got home from church and decided to lay down for nap time. when we laid down it was cloudy with sun. about an hour later im awoken by very loud thunder. I sat up, and then the power went out. I went to the front door to peek out at the weather. as soon as i cracked the woor the wind blew it all the way open. It was hailing in sheets! it was so windy the hail was being blown under my covered porch and in my open door. My signs on the front porch were blown down, and the trees were being whipped in the wind. After the hail stopped it began to pour buckets! There was thunder, lightening, crazy wind, hail and huge rain. It ended up being that about 32,000 people in southwest oregon were without power(some still dont have it) my power finally came back on about 9:10. Landon is happy that the power is back on because he didn't like not having his nightlight on. Tree's were blown down all over the place, and driving back from medford madi and i saw several crews out working on the power lines.

This morning Landon and i went to church with trudy, rach and logan. It was nice to go for once instead of listening online. The sermon was on forgiveness, something i know i need to work on. isnt it funny how god does that?
one song we sang really got to me today. "The enemy has been defeated, death couldn't hold you down" It stuck with me because i need to remember that the enemy HAS BEEN defeated, and i need to hold fast to that and not let him defeat me. One day at a time is all i can do, but it's nice to find things to encourage us on our walk! Now, im exhausted and off to bed...just wanted to blog about today before i forgot.
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