Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and such...

Easter...the celebration of Jesus death on the cross and triumph over death 3 days later. a time for rejoicing and happiness. I did my best today, but on my best face, and made it a good day for all, but today was a dark day and all i wanted was to curl up in a ball and ignore the world. stupid bi-polar depression, sometimes i feel so helpless and worthless. I thank god for Landon, or who would i be right now?
Anyway. Easter weekend. This week Landon and i made easter cupcakes and decorated eggs. On Saturday we had Zoey with us from 6am till 3pm while kenzie was at work. she is such a joy that girl. im so glad she and Landon love each other so much. Saturday morning we had cinnamon rolls and went to a kids day thing at Fred Meyers with my friend Lisa, and her kids Zach and Kyla. They had a cake walk for the kids, and they got to make egg magnets. Then we all went to McDonalds for lunch. After that i took Zoey and Landon to an egg hunt at Trudy's work. I dont ever take Landon to the one at the park anymore, it's just to crazy. Zoey and Landon had lots of fun, getting eggs and candy, and then eating cupcakes. Saturday night Landon and i rented a movie and had "mommy landon" time. Sunday morning was church, and awesome service, with 14 baptisms. After church we had lunch with Denise and Ed, and watched the movie "Despicable Me" Denise had to work and left before the movie was over, but it was still fun. Im so blessed to have them in my life and i know it. After we got back to RR we went to the park, since it was sunny and nice in RR( it had been raining in GP when we left) Jake came and met us at the park to bring Landon his basket, and to get to see him for a few minutes.
So that was our weekend, now you know all about it. I hope everyone else had a good easter. I have a big morning tomorrow so im off to bed. Goodnight and god bless.
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Matthew 28:6&7 He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend and family...

Joy and the kids were down from Vancouver for the weekend. It was SO NICE to see them and spend time with them. On Friday all of us(Denise, Ed, Landon, Joy, Austin, Mel, Brady, Luke and I) went to the Tom Pierce Riffle Park, where they have a nice, mile long nature trail. The idea was to hike it as a family and enjoy the outdoors since it was a nice day. LOL little did we know...the trail was mostly flooding, it was like hiking through a swamp! Landon and Ed turned back pretty quickly, and after i twisted my ankle on a wet rock i soon followed. While the rest of the family finished their swamp treck the 3 of us enjoyed the river, and Ed taught Landon about bee's and pollen. (It was cute to watch him explaining it all to Landon) After everyone was back at the cars we had a little picnic in the grass and the kids played frisbee. That night we all had dinner at Denise and Ed's, and after we watched the kids all play on the wii.
Saturday was Rebecca's shower. It was out in the country a lil ways at Sheril's house. The house and property is beautiful, i understand why they love it! The shower itself was beautiful. Sheril made some amazing food and had a white chocolate fountain, which the kids all loved. Rebecca was so happy to see everyone, and she made sure we all felt welcome. She got alot of wonderful gifts as well. I know some of the famiyl worried about drama, seeing as how half our family hates the other half, but everyone was well behaved and no drama occurred.
After the shower we spent the day at Denise and Ed's, letting 'double trouble" (landon and brady) get a chance to play as much as possible. Denise, joy and i spent the afternoon on the deck soaking up the sun and just talking. At one point double trouble came out, both upset. Brady told joy Landon wasn't his cousin anymore, and Landon told me Brady didn't want to be his cousin anymore. Landon had upset Brady so Brady disowned him(LOL) After a minute we got them to make up. Landon apologized for making Brady mad and Brady apologized for saying Landon wasn't his cousin anymore, and they hugged, made up, and the whole thing was forgiven and forgotten in minutes. i think, especially in our family, that we could learn a lesson from those 2!!!! If only the adults in our family could be as forgiving and loving...All in all we had a wonderful visit, and i got some great pictures, which will be on facebook as soon as i can get my computer to let me load them.

Now, im going to go outside with Landon and blow bubbles and enjoy the beautiful spring weather...the nice spring breeze blowing through my house is beckoning me!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

i dont even know...

I feel like i need to blog, but have no idea what to say. Im feeling so discouraged lately by the attitudes of people around me. Why is there so much negativity and judgment? I know ill have to face even more of that this weekend. My cousin is having her baby shower, hosted by a cousin i dont talk to very often...and i know most of the oregon family will be there and i dont talk to them either, with the exception of Rob. In some aspects i miss that part of my family. I miss how sheril and i used to interact and the relationship we used to have. I dont miss the judgement and the falseness though. I think thats what im most not looking forward to this weekend, is being with these people and having them act all nice to me, like we're a real family, when in reality we dont ever talk or interact and they dont like me at all. I hate for Landon to see that. I dont ever want him to ask me why he has cousins he never see's. Oh well, one thing at a time.

I am looking forward to seeing Joy and the kids this weekend though. Friday we might get together and take the kids to all go do something, and i think Saturday after the shower we all will do something too. Which will be nice landon just loves his little cousin Brady, ever since last 4th when we stayed the weekend with them Brady has been landon's buddy, LOL.

Landon is completely over being sick, and im almost done with this ear infection. My ears are starting to clear up and i can almost hear perfectly again. Now it's 12;55 so i think ill head off to bed. night all.