Thursday, April 7, 2011

i dont even know...

I feel like i need to blog, but have no idea what to say. Im feeling so discouraged lately by the attitudes of people around me. Why is there so much negativity and judgment? I know ill have to face even more of that this weekend. My cousin is having her baby shower, hosted by a cousin i dont talk to very often...and i know most of the oregon family will be there and i dont talk to them either, with the exception of Rob. In some aspects i miss that part of my family. I miss how sheril and i used to interact and the relationship we used to have. I dont miss the judgement and the falseness though. I think thats what im most not looking forward to this weekend, is being with these people and having them act all nice to me, like we're a real family, when in reality we dont ever talk or interact and they dont like me at all. I hate for Landon to see that. I dont ever want him to ask me why he has cousins he never see's. Oh well, one thing at a time.

I am looking forward to seeing Joy and the kids this weekend though. Friday we might get together and take the kids to all go do something, and i think Saturday after the shower we all will do something too. Which will be nice landon just loves his little cousin Brady, ever since last 4th when we stayed the weekend with them Brady has been landon's buddy, LOL.

Landon is completely over being sick, and im almost done with this ear infection. My ears are starting to clear up and i can almost hear perfectly again. Now it's 12;55 so i think ill head off to bed. night all.


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