Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and the sun FINALLY makes an appearance...

some catch up...i haven't posted in a while. i've had some serious ups and downs since i last posted. The downs- i found out jake is having a baby with someone else. needless to say that was a cause for some serious down time. Then my grammie had a stroke, so i spent some time worried and praying fervently. she is doing much better, but we still pray for her daily. Then i had some serious issues with my cra, thanks to an oil change gone wrong. (NEVER get your oil changed at wal-mart, just and fyi) But it seems like everything has been fixed on the car, im over feeling hurt by jake's pregnant gf(especially since he STILL tries to get a little action every time he see's me) and i know that grammie is doing good and is in god's hands, and there is no better place for her.

okay, some catchup. Landon is all registered for kindergarten. He is super excited and cannot wait. Im also excited, but it seems like he's growing up too fast. I have been working on my health a lot since October, when i had the blood clots. I'm losing weight slowly, much more slowly than I'd like...but as my doctor pointed out i didn't gain it all in a month so i wont lose it all in a month. He did point out how well i'm doing though. I haven't had a debilitating, ER trip migraine since the end of last august.(jake moved out the 1st week of September, and i dont think this is a coincidence. i think not being hit in the head constantly has something to do with it) I'm off my anti-depressants now, and my anxiety meds, and my high blood pressure medication. I'm sleeping better and my stress levels lower. It's a plus and i enjoy it.

Recently i did some maternity pictures for a friend of mine. It was so much fun, and they turned out really cute. It really got me to thinking that i want to pursue photography as a minor in school. Ive always loved doing the edits to other people pictures, but to actually be taking the pictures too was fun. It's an idea anyway.

The weather here in good old southern oregon has been so icky for so long. all spring we've had maybe 8 full days of sun. most days were sunny/cloudy and rainy all in one. Yesterday and today we're both BEAUTIFUL days, and the 10 day forecast shows nothing but sun! i guess the weather caught on that it's summer now and time for sunshine and pretty weather.

Ive recently been talking to to guys. Im not in a hurry for a relationship(i have had one since jake and it was no good) but it's nice to have guys be interested in me. I guess hearing how unattractive you are for years and years gets in your head, even if you dont want it to. So im talking to these guys, but right now that's all it is. I don't want to be in a relationship unless god shows me it is right.

For some reason ive had 5 people ask me in the last 2 weeks if i was pregnant. Im not sure where that rumor started but let me assure you all i am NOT pregnant, and will not become pregnant anytime in the near future. But i handled the rumor well, i think. i was just honest and faced it head on. Im used to people talking about me and my life.

About 2 weeks ago my camera died. just died, for NO reason. I was so bummed. anyone who knows me or is on my FB knows i love to take pictures. I'm a complete mamarazzi with Landon. so my camera dying was incredibly sad for me. I looked online for about a week to find a new one. I found one i loved, very nice and a touch screen, but it was out of my budget. Someone had told me wal-mart had some decent ones for $60, so i decided to take a look. low and behold they had the one i was in love with, on sale. The cashier told me that someone had messed up the order and instead of ordering 10 they ordered 100. so to get rid of the extra stock they had to sell them fast, so they were over 50% off. regularly $119 and i got mine for $45. i was thrilled!!! so there will be lots of summer pictures to come. now, im off to finish the dinner dishes and get to bed. Landon has a dentist appointment to get his teeth cleaned for the 1st time tomorrow.

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