Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sweet summertime

Today is the official first day of summer! I could not be happier about it!!! Bring on sun, sand, and trips to the river! To celebrate the summer's official arrival Landon and i cleaned our back porch(aka played in the hose)It was nice! Today i was talking to Denise, and she offered to pay for Landon to get 2 sessions of swim lessons! I've been wanting to do that for him this summer, but my budget being so tight i wasn't sure about it, so what a god send. I really am so blessed to have her and Ed in my life, and i know it. I also found out i can get a scholarship for the YMCA, to get a discount membership. That would be great because then i could work out and Landon and i could swim whenever we wanted. I like my DVD workouts at home, but going to the gym would be fun too.
Now the not so great in my life...my car is being a pain in my tush again. It was running fine, then i got the oil changed and they screwed it up(ugh) and then it was fixed for a minute, and now it's being all squirrely again! but the part i need to probably fix it is only $30, so we'll see...I'm starting to really hate velma(my car) but it's not her fault it's wal-marts fault...and they know it, which is why the manager was so smug with me.
My GED classes at the job council end at the end of this month. The state funding for the program was cut, so now ill have to take the class at the college and pay for it, which is lame but i understand the budget cuts. The economy is unstable, and no one will vote yes for any tax increases, even if it would benefit the majority of people. oh well, i wont get started on that!
The past 2 days ive spent deep cleaning my house, going through closets and boxes and toys and getting rid of things and re-organizing things. Today i spent a good hour just trying to get rid of ant trails in my kitchen. In the cabinet next to my stove i keep empty jars and my medication. for some reason the ants LOVE this cabinet, it's the only place in my kitchen they go to. Someone who lived here before me must have kept something the ants loved in there and now the ants follow the trails. hopefully what i did worked, because i HATE ants! LOL. well, I'm off to the library with Landon to pick up our books. Have a good afternoon.

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