Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day weekend

Independence day. a day we celebrate our independence from British rule. a day i also reflected on my independence as a single woman, free to be whoever i choose. It's an interesting feeling.

Our weekend was spent with the family in Vancouver. It was wonderful!!! I def. needed to get away, have a break and spend some time with people who love me. We drove up Saturday with Denise and Ed. We stopped on the way up at "Heaven on earth" to get cinnamon rolls. They really do make the best cinnamon rolls on earth!!! In Portland we stopped and spent some time with Josh. Then when we got to Vancouver i watched the kids so that Denise and Ed could take Joy and Michael out to dinner. It was nice, melanice helped me cook and then the kids all played outside.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to church with the family. The service was nice, but i found the worship a little lacking. Not as refreshing as im used to, but it was still a nice service. After church and lunch we went to the Clackamas aquatic center in Portland so that the kids could swim and play. It was really cool. They have a kiddie area with a small slide, and fountains, and a wave pool, and a pool for diving, and 3 water slides, and a hot tub for adults. The kids had so much fun!!! as did the adults ;) after that we had family nap time! for dinner Sunday night we made hot dog rockets(pictures are on my FB)

Monday morning Joy made red, white and blue pancakes for everyone. Denise helped the kids make t-shirts with red and blue stars on them. we made a 4th of July cake. Denise, Ed, Micheal and Josh took all the kids to see Cars 2. They LOVED it. Joy and I stayed behind with little Luke and went shopping and had cousin time. it was really actually great fun! she's an awesome lady so i enjoyed hanging out with her. After the kids came home they played on the Cars 2 slip-n-slide Denise got them( we had a very Cars 2 weekend-they had lighting mcqueen chicken nuggets, Cars 2 chairs fro Brady and Landon, the Cars 2 mater operation game, the movie & the slip-n-slide) and we had a BBQ. Micheal made some yummy burgers, and we had watermelon, and corn on the cob, and chips, and veggies, and grilled pineapple, and smores, and cake. Then we all watched as Micheal and the kids, and one of their neighbors, all lit off fireworks. The show they put on was pretty spectacular. And their was only 2 little mishaps. One firework launched sideways into a tree, but did no damage. another one landed in Denise's chair about 2 seconds after she exited it. If she hadn't jumped up it would have landed on her head. That was a bit scary! The kids all got to stay up late and help light fireworks, and the rest of us enjoyed the show and the company. Ive noticed the older you get the less fireworks seem to impress. But watching the kids reaction to the fireworks made them seem so much more amazing to me. and Micheal is really good to let even the little kids help light them and get a chance to be part of the fun, which makes it better.

This morning we got up early and drove home. Landon didn't want to leave, he and Brady kept hugging, and Brady told him he'd miss him. Once we got on the road everyone but Ed fell asleep. The aftermath of vacations, LOL. When we made it back to GP Denise and Ed discovered a pipe leaking water all over there deck, so Ed had some work to do when we got home. All in all we had a fantastic weekend, but an exhausting one. Im really glad to have family here that includes us and loves on us. I really needed this weekend.

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