Friday, January 13, 2012

oh heavens, long update

where to start? it's been like 4 months since i blogged.

Lets start with Landon. He is doing well. we started kindergarten in September, and we LOVE school. He's starting to read on his own, which just astounds me! i am so proud of him but i wish he wasn't growing up so fast!

I am doing well. My weight loss continues at a slow and steady pace, which is beyond frustrating but good. in the last 6 months I've lost 22 pounds! i have a goal in mind, and a perk to help me reach it. every time i drop 30 pounds Denise has promised to buy me new pants! yay! i think that's awesome! My doctor has taken me off the cholesterol medication, and is currently weaning me off my anti-depressant. i just don't need it anymore. i did for a while, but i am now in a better place, both in life and mentally, so pretty soon no more prozac for me! double yay!

school for me is kinda at a standstill. i still can't seem to pass the math part of the GED test(ugh) but i don't want to be doing nothing, so im taking 2 filler credit classes right now. im hoping to be able to get a car with my tax return money. i can't take the GED prep class at RCC or really get a job until i have one. Plus it really is a hassle and a burden for me not to have my own car.

pretty much everyone knows already, but i am in a relationship. His name is Josh, he's a Staff Sargent in the Army. he is currently in Afghanistan, has been there for just about a month. He's really awesome. He's sweet, funny, caring, cute, honest, loyal, has a great sense of honor and justice, and to me is a hero. he's currently serving on his 5th deployment. I really like him, maybe even more than like him. i can see us being together for a while. Madi helped me put together a really great care package to send him though. and i have other friends who have said they want to donate stuff for a box too. it makes me really happy to have my friends, especially Madi, support me like that.

I think that's about it for now. I will be keeping the blog updated more regularly now!

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