Thursday, January 10, 2013

sleep study

Greetings all. Happy New year. I have stuck to my resolutions so far. it's been 14 days since i've had a soda. yay me! Last night i had my sleep study. I have sleep apnea and they had to do a sleep study to determine how bad it is. I spent the night at the sleep center at the hospital in Medford. I was monitored by a bunch of things stuck to me and by a camera that watched me sleep. It was weird. sleeping with all the cords was uncomfortable, the bed was uncomfortable, and knowing i was being watched was weird. In 2 weeks i have my follow up so the dr can tell me what our course of action will be. I'll probably have to wear a CPAP mask. It snowed a little here last night. just a nice light dusting. it was beautiful driving home through it this morning. last Friday my ceiling leaked. i started to drain the tub then went downstairs to find water dripping down from my ceiling fan. They came and cut a whole under the tub and discovered the leak. the drywall was soaked so it had been leaking for a while. hopefully tomorrow they will be coming to fix it. other than that life is good here. Landon is back in school and doing well. Im still plugging away on my diploma. all these were stuck to me Image and video hosting by TinyPic wired for cable Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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