Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't be fooled!

I have a close friend who loves, i mean LOVES Excedrin. She is never without it. When it was off the market for a while she was crushed, LOL. She swears by it. She has the extra strength, the migraine, the back and body. She had a full bottle oft he extra strength and was planning to buy a new bottle of the migraine when i noticed something. Both those Excedrin products have the exact same amount of the exact same 3 ingredients. Yet the migraine is more expensive. eh???? I went online to their website and sure enough, same medicine, same ingredients, different prices. Tricky tricky! It pays to look at packaging and product information so you don't pay more than necessary. (Up & UP, the target store brand, makes a migraine medication that is the same as Excedrin for less, i love the stuff!) Another tricky product is clinical strength deodorant. These products contain the same ingredients as regular deodorant with only 1-3% more of the active ingredient for $3-$5 more.

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