Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Cara Box

I'm late, but here is my post for the July Cara Box. I got partnered with Abby at Always Abby http://www.alwaysabigail.com/ The theme for this month's box was "nautical" and she sent my the best box!
My awesome card! I love the animal drawings! LOL

Wax melts. They smell like the sea <3

Cute little coasters!

Seashell shaped oil diffuser

Beautiful handmade bookmark

Blue and Green glitter polish-it looks likes waves when you tilt the bottle

I heard this month some women had a bad expierience and sucky partners. I'm sorry that happened to people. I feel blessed to have had good partners both times i participated, and i hope my boxes never left anyone feeling let down.

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Always Abby said...

I am SO glad you loved your box! I was really excited to find all those things for you. :) And I'm so proud you put a picture of my drawings up! Haha!!