Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the waiting game...

Does anyone else hate to wait? I know patience is a virtue, but waiting is obnoxious. I had labs on friday. They took a shit ton of blood, lol. They had to draw from my hand, which hurt and then made my hand swell and bruise a bit. ugh. Saturday we went to a bbq/party at a friends house. I wasn't really in the mood to go, i forced myself so Landon could have time with all the other kids. It ended up being really good. I've always sad our friends are the family we choose, and i am blessed. The only family we have locally is Denise and Ed, and cousin Becca and Drew. Which is actually fine with me. After i got married and drifted from members of the family who didn't like Jake i was really sad about it. I hurt for what i thought Landon was missing, not having his cousins like i did growing up. He isn't missing anything. He has plenty of people around him who love and care for him, and he isn't learning certain bad behaviors. I'm blessed to have the family of friends that i have here. They all pulled me out of a funk this weekend. Health wise everything is pretty much the same. The newest abortive migraine med failed. I'm not sure what the next step is with that, i'm waiting to hear back from the neurologist. I've been doing as much research as i can into my symptoms, trying to get ideas of things to mention to my dr. I'm considering asking him to send me to another specialist, because it's become very obvious he and the neurologist alone will not figure it out. I'm still having the constant muscle pain and weakness, but ive stopped taking the narcotic pain killers, they don't do much but make me groggy. Hopefully when i see my dr for the follow up friday we will have an idea of where to look next. Landon has his 1st game on saturday. He is so excited and so am I. It looks like 5-8 people will be coming to see him play, which i know will be awesome for him. Fingers crossed they don't get rained out!

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