Monday, September 15, 2014

IPhone holder SiliGuy Review

The awesome product i am reviewing today is the IPhone holder SiliGuy. SiliGuy is made of top quality silicon, flexibly & securely fitting numerous devices and has the ability to be use almost anywhere.Easy-flex arms and legs puts control of position in your hands. You can bend the arms and legs to fit any phone, not just an Iphone. The hanging "head" allows you to hang the phone in your car, on a towel rack in the bathroom, on your machine at the gym, on your bike or motorcycle, on the charger for your phone, or use it leaning against something to keep your phone upright. 

 This little product is cute and innovative. The ways to use Siliguy are endless. Anywhere you go, you can find a place to hang or set your phone. I cannot tell you enough how much i love Siliguy and recommend him to anyone. It does say IPhone in the name of the product, but it fits my smaller Samsung with ease, and it fit my friends Iphone slim perfectly as well, even with the big otterbox case on it. If you are like me and are constantly looking for where you left or set your phone, head over to amazon here and order yourself a Siliguy!  You can also check out the company here.

Here i have my Siliguy hanging from the rearview mirror in my car

Here my Siliguy is hanging off the lock on the door of my car

Here Siliguy is hanging off the towel rack in my bathroom,
letting me enjoy Pandora while i get ready. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using in exchange for my honest review. The opinions here are 100% real and 100% mine.


Jenny Frank said...

This is such a neat product, and so cute! I'm going to check it out and see if there's one to fit my Galaxy S5. I definitely could use one of these. Great post. :)

Sophia Gilbert said...

Yes this is definitely a great product and very much needed! I love the design! Great review, thank you

Kimberly S said...

Very cute - I am always hunting for my cell - nice review :D

DEBBIE ARE said...

SO cute! I love this, talk about making holders fun! Love the review

Mary Kirkland said...

Great product it looks like. Thanks for the great review.

Tammy Lynn said...

I love it, I may buy one or two :)

DEBBIE ARE said...

How adorable is this!

jen marrero said...

What a cute product!

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