Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vinyasa Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD with Julie Schoen

Vinyasa prenatal yoga DVD is led by Julie Schoen, a certified pre-natal yoga instructor, author, and founder of and Mommy Does Yoga. Watching the DVD you can see that Julie is in her element, and that she truly cares about helping expectant mothers stay healthy and connect with their bodies and their babies. Nowhere in the DVD does her smile or demeanor seem forced or fake, which is a nice change from other workout DVD's.

 The DVD features a 60 minute workout, using yoga poses modified to be easy for expecting mothers while still providing a workout effective and keeping and maintaining muscle tone and flexibility. It begins and ends with soothing meditation and gentle stretching. Julie understands expecting mothers are capable of a true workout, and makes sure her 60 minute workout really worth doing.

 I spent 60 minutes doing this DVD workout with a pregnant friend. We both enjoyed the workout, and she got a lot out of the information in the DVD. I cannot say enough good things about this DVD, and i would recommend it to anyone, from beginners just wanting to have a healthier pregnancy, to exercise enthusiasts wanting to stay in shape.

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Crystal Porter said...

I will have to keep this DVD in mind. Thanks for the review.

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