Sunday, October 5, 2014

Amazing Extend-A-Smidge bra extenders by CoCo's closet

I recently was selected to try out and review 3 hook Extend-A-Smidge bra extenders from CoCo's Closet. I was beyond excited to be chosen. Having a large chest, i often struggle to find a comfortable fitting bra. The band will fit but the cups won't, or the cups fit but the band is too tight. My favorite bra is one where the cups are perfect but the band is a tad to tight. I will not be having that problem anymore! 

The extenders are made of high quality nylon, stitched to be strong and durable, even for extremely active women. The extenders are made to fit any size bra, and any bra band with a 3 hook closure. They come 6 in a pack, in black, white and nude to match a variety of bras, and are made with a soft backing material so they won't chafe or irritate your skin. They allow you to stay in the same bra through minor weight fluctuations or bra size changes.

If you have ever had problems with finding the perfect fitting bra like me, or have held on to the one that's a little to tight because you love it, these extenders are just what you need! I fully recommend them to everyone! You can check them out for yourself on amazon. Let me know if you order them and what you think!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using  in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I never recommend products i don't personally approve of.


TJ Eans said...

While I've been sick over the last few years with a chronic illness and have had a hard time keeping a consistent weight, bra extenders have been a real help. I'll check out Amazing Extend-A-Smidge's product and see if I like it. Thanks for the review.

Katherine Riley said...

Seems like a lifesaver for those times when you just need a smidgeon more room.

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