Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fight like a girl blog hop

This month I am taking part of an amazing blog hop giveaway. Enter to win my prize, then click any of the links to win one of the other amazing prizes! 

Welcome to the first annual "Fight Like a Girl" Blog hop
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We are a community of bloggers that love throwing giveaways and bringing you amazing prizes! Each blogger on the list below has a minimum value of $10 but most giveaways exceed that limit! Be sure to "hop" along to each blog and enter to win some amazing prizes there is no limit to how many prizes you can win! please don't forget sharing is caring! Let your friends in on the fun!
Thank you for stopping by and Good luck!

My prize is:
-Batherapy Bath Salts-Helps relieve tension and fatigue
-Pencils for hope, Pink and white pencils with ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness
-Wet-n-wild Polish in Dream Poppy, a pretty pink shade
-NYC Liquid Lipshine gloss in Prospect Pink & Fashion Ave Fushsia, light and dark shades of pink
-Cherry Carmex lip balm
-Maybelline New York 3 shade eye shadow pallet in Crown Jewels,2 pinks and a purple shade
-Revlon mini cube shadow in Peacock, a very pretty pearlescent blue
-1 bag of Riesen Chewy Chocolate Caramels, because at the end of a hard day of fighting like a girl, a girl needs some chocolate 


Maycees Momma said...

GREAT prizes

Ashley Reems said...

Awesome prizes!!!!

Keegan Shea said...

Nice prize pack!

Marnie Ward said...

I fight like a girl everyday by standing up for women everywhere. I volunteer at the local mission and never place judgment on anyone in any situation. I know how quickly things can get out of control. I fight for my fellow persons and I try to set a healthy example for my daughter and my niece on what Girl power really is!

Susan Broughton said...

I fight like a girl because I am now 53 and am still alive and kicking!

TJ Eans said...

I don't know about all that, I just do me and don't really fuss myself with silly notions about gender roles or what's ladylike or whatever.

Katherine Riley said...

I fight like a girl at my job, because my workplace is very male dominated.

Freebie Diva said...

I fight like a girl because I'm still here.... no matter what has been taken from me and how much it hurts and how many hurts i have yet to have I keep going

Naomi Jacobs said...

I fight like a girl every day because I teach my boys how to treat women. Not as someone who is below them, but as equals they need to be kind to.

joan tazisalady said...

I fight like a girl helping mom get stronger since her double mastectomy and stroke next day.

Robyn Donnelly said...

Very nice prize pack and very good taste in cosmetics too. I love riesen dark caramels.