Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tazo Chai Tea

Thanks to smiley360 i got a chance to try out Tazo Chai. My kit came with 3 sample tea bags, and 3 coupons for free Tazo Chai Latte or Tazo Chai tea bags. 

Tazo Chai is made with a mixture of  classic spices such as ginger, pepper and cardamom for a deliciously distinct taste. Then flavors are added for their selections like vanilla caramel, chocolate and pumpkin varieties. My current favorite is the Tazo Chai chocolate latte. It's made with black tea, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and cocoa powder for a spicy chocolate flavor. You mix equal parts latte mix and milk, served hot or iced. I prefer it hot. I also really enjoy the vanilla caramel. Served hot the taste reminds me of Christmas 

If you have never tried Chai, I recommend a visit to the Tazo website before you buy. They have a tasting guide that will help you identify which flavors you will like best based on the kinds of tea you like. (Spicy sweet, fruity, ect.) You can also look into all the products they offer and find out what stores near you carry them. They also have a great section that tells you about how and why they make the tea's they make. Tazo is a brand i already loved, so it was great to get to try new flavors. Tazo uses high quality ingredients and makes a lot of great flavors. If you haven't tried Tazo Chai, i recommend you pick some up soon! 

I received the products mentioned for free from smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. The opinions in my post are truthful and are mine. 


DEBBIE ARE said...

I love this my fave is the Chocolate Chai!!!

Mandy Palik said...

I love a lot of the Tazo flavors. the Chai and Passion are my go-to ones!