Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vino Aria Wine Aerator

I am the first to admit wine is not always my thing. I'm picky about the ones i like so i don't drink wine very much. Recently i have started to branch out and try new things, changing that. So it's no surprise i had never tried a wine aerator before receiving the Vino Aria aerator this week. The aerator comes in a nice box that can be used to store it, and from the moment you open the package you can see that it is high quality.

 The aerator fits easily and securely into any bottle,
with no dripping or leaking when you pour. The aerator has a unique petal
shaped design to enhance the look, and is made from high quality acrylic to be sturdy enough to last. The enhanced breather process of the Vino Aria aerator allows the scents and tastes of the wine to be enhanced, while the bitter notes and puckering some reds can have are downplayed. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can feel confident your purchase is worth it.

(Please ignore my christmas wine glass, they're the only ones i have,lol.) I really enjoyed getting to try out the Vino Aria aerator. Again, i'm not a wine connoisseur, but i did notice a subtle difference in the bitter after notes of my wine after using it. There were less of them, which is always a plus. Having this handy product around, i feel confident i can branch out and try more reds, without always worrying they will be to robust and bitter for my tastes. You can order this product on amazon for yourself, or pick one up as a gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.  If you do purchase it, please let me know what you think!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I never recommend products i don't personally approve of.

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