Saturday, November 8, 2014

Glitter Pinecone Centerpiece craft

Today Landon and I did a nice little fall craft. We made a center piece for the dining room table with glitter pinecones in a leaf shaped dish. It actually was really hard to find the pinecones. We went to 3 parks, and found  2 little ones. On the way home we drove by the old hospital, and low and behold right there next to the road was a whole mess of pinecones! 

We picked up 3 nice sized big ones and Landon picked out another cute little one. We took them home and baked them at 225 degrees for 20 minutes on a foil lined cookie sheet. This kills any bugs that might be living inside them, and causes them to open, which makes them a little more aesthetically pleasing.

After they come out of the oven make sure to let them cool down completely. 
While they are cooling down you can get your supplies together. You need glue, or spray adhesive, glitter, paper bags, paint brushes if you are using glue, and newspaper.

Once the pinecones are cool you are ready to craft. Lay out newspaper and completely cover your working surface. Put your glitter into the paper bags. Each color gets it's own bag. 

If you are using spray adhesive, take your pinecones outside, lay them on a sheet of newspaper and spray them, coating them completely. Then take them inside, put them into the bags with the glitter and shake to cover them.

If you are using the glue, take your paint brush, dip it into the glue, and paint it onto the pinecones, making sure to cover it completely. You can also just do the edges if you want. Then place the pinecone into the bag with the glitter and shake to cover.

Once all your pinceones are covered, lay them on your newspaper to dry, at least an hour. 

Now comes the decision of what to do with them. I have seen on pinterest people putting them into tall glass jars, which is very cute. We decided to put ours into this cute, shallow leaf shaped dish we found at the dollar store. 

It just screams "fall" and is the perfect holder for our glittery pinecones. I think they turned out great, look very pretty, and graces our table nicely.

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