Friday, November 28, 2014

PathWords from Think Fun

If you enjoy word searches and puzzles that test your brain you will love PathWords from Think Fun. PathWords helps your strengthen your vocabulary and visual perception skills with an amalgamation of polyominoes and word searches. PathWords comes with a wire-bound book that contains 80 puzzles on glossy, heavy pages and eight hard plastic translucent colored Tetris-like tiles. Each puzzle is a different shape and has only one solution. On each page it tells you the pieces that you need to successfully complete the puzzle. You use the tiles that come with the game to cover the letters in the words that you find. When you are finished there are no empty spaces and all of the words are covered. The challenges range from beginner to expert, so there is a puzzle for everyone. The game is for ages 12 and up. 

Pathwords was a fun challenge for me the minute i opened it. Some of the puzzles have words that aren't part of the solution, making them even more of a challenge. I also like that you use the tiles to solve them, so when someone else wants to try or if i ever pass the game on to someone, the book isn't all marked, it's like brand new and they can solve the puzzles all over again. This game would make a great gift for the word search or brain teaser enthusiast. You can order it from Think Fun, and while you're there check out all the other great games they have.  

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