Friday, December 12, 2014

BeeSili Silicone Vinegar, Oil & Sauce Bottle and Basting Brush

I love to cook, and I really love tools that multi-task. The BeeSili super silicone vinegar, oil & sauce bottle and basting brush is one of those tools. You pour your favorite liquid into the bottle. You can dispense a few drops or pour large amounts. Next, place the cap securely on the bottle dispenser. Flip the bottle over to uncap the durable silicone basting brush and spread the liquid. Place the cap back on the brush for storage. It really is so simple to use, and so handy. No spray bottle nozzles to clog and no annoying turkey basters to deal with. It's made of durable, BPA Free, FDA approved food grade silicone. It's completely reusable and each to clean. It also comes with a risk free money back guarantee. I love mine, and I know you will to. So head on over to amazon to order your own!

I received this item in exchange for my honest review. I never recommend products i don't like or use personally. 

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