Thursday, December 11, 2014

True Synergy Vitamin D Softgels

Many people experience Vitamin D deficiency, which can cause fatigue,low energy, trouble sleeping or trouble staying awake, a weak immune system, weak bones, poor dental health and excess tooth decay and even hypertension. True Synergy Vitamin D softgels help combat these symptoms and overcome that deficiency with a 5000 IU high potency dose. The gels are truly soft, and easy to swallow, a plus for those like myself who don't like taking pills. They help improve muscle, dental, breast and bone health immediately and you feel your energy increasing after just one dose. They don't leave you feeling sick to your stomach like some high potency vitamins, and they don't leave any weird aftertaste in your mouth. I am anemic, and almost always have low iron, which leads to low energy. Taking this vitamin D supplement in addition to my daily iron supplement has restored my energy levels, but never makes me feel jittery or sick. I recommend this supplement to anyone who suffers from low energy or a Vitamin D deficiency. You can order a bottle for yourself on amazon.

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