Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hango Lunch Bag Set

The Hango lunch bag set by Attican is a set of 2 Thermal insulated lunch bags. The smaller one is perfect for snacks or small lunches. The larger on is perfect for school lunches, soda's or snacks for the ball game. The lunch bags are thermal insulated to keep foods cold or hot longer, a plus if you have to leave home in the early morning hours and still eat at normal lunch hours. The bags are made from durable high density polyester, and are very easy to clean. The zipper is made of stainless steel, and is made to last. The set i got is a very pretty bright pink color. The smaller size is perfect for my lunches, i always just have a yogurt and a cheese stick. My yogurt is always still cold by lunch which i love. The also make this set in black, which would be good for men, or for those who just don't like pink. I recommend this set for anyone who wants an adult lunch box. You can order your own set on amazon

I received this set in exchange for my honest review. 
I never recommend products i don't like or use personally. 

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