Friday, February 27, 2015

Adeline Organic Eye Serum

I am a big fan of under eye creams, they are so important for the thin skin in that area, especially as we age. So when i got the chance to receive the Adeline Organic Eye Serum in exchange for an honest review during a promotion, just days after listening to my bets friend lament about her "eye bags" and how bad she feels they are now that she has hit 30, i jumped at the chance.

Adeline Organic Eye Serum claims to help improve fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, and to reduce puffiness and dark circles. It contains Cucumber extract, which helps moisturize your skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, Chamomile extract which helps soothe the skin around your eyes and reduce puffiness, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, which helps improve collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet, Sunflower seed oil which contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to help prevent free radical damage, and fatty acids to help prevent premature aging and promote new cell growth, and Usa Urvi leaf extract , which is a natural source of hydroquinone, which helps reduce inflammation and the appearance of brown spots. Adeline is produced and packaged in a FDA-Certified facility, and is alcohol and paraben free.

I loved that it was organic, and the list of high quality ingredients made me feel good passing it on to me friend to try out. She was skeptical of the claims, but she admitted she would try anything. I told her to use it for 2 weeks before she told me how she liked it. After just a few days i could see a difference in her eye are. The skin under her eyes was less puffy and her eyes appeared less tired and droopy. After 2 weeks she told me she was in love with this serum. She said she doesn't have really dark circles under her eyes anymore in the mornings, and that her eye bags aren't as pronounced as they used to be. She also said she doesn't have to use an extra concealer stick on the skin under her eyes anymore. She likes it so much she has already ordered another bottle, and she ordered one for her mom as a gift. Just from seeing the results she has had, i would say this serum is a great choice to add to your skin care regimen. You only need to use it once a day, before bed, to see results. It comes backed by a 100% empty bottle money back guarantee. If you don't see results, even if you have used the whole bottle, they will refund your money. Plus, a portion of every purchase goes toward helping to dig wells in communities with limited water resources. So you're helping others as well as yourself. You can order your own Adeline Organic Eye Serum on amazon..

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I never recommend products I don't like or use personally. In this review I can only vouch for the results I saw, and your results may vary.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Xtava Auto Rotating Curling Iron

I have a few curling irons that sit under my sink, collecting dust. My hair does not hold curl well, so I just don't usually even bother. So imagine my frustration when I open a box from amazon expecting an awesome new flat iron and find...a curling iron. It was a really nice high end looking curling iron, but still. Then I saw on the box it said “auto rotating.” I was curious about that so I opened the box and read the instruction book. Which made me even more curious. I really wanted to try it out. After making a call to amazon, I arranged to keep the curling iron and I re-ordered the flat iron.

This curling iron does most of the work, and it does it very well. You simply place the end of your hair in the clamp, and then press the direction button on the handle. The barrel then rotates, wrapping your hair around the barrel. You release the button to stop the rotation. You can choose how far up the hair to curl, and you can curl small strands for tight curls, or thick chunks for beachy waves. The barrel is ceramic tourmaline, which evenly distributes heat and helps prevent damage to the hair. The curling iron has a heat control with 11 different temperature settings between 210F-430F, allowing you to choose the right temperature for your hair type. Lower temperatures for thinner, fine hair and higher temperatures for thick, wavy/curly hair. It has an easy to read LCD screen. It has a nice, 360 degree, 8 foot long swivel cord, so you don't have to be right next to an outlet, and you won't get tangled in your cord or have to fight with it getting in your way. The Xtava curling iron also features an auto-shutoff safety feature, so if you ever forget to turn it off and leave the house, you can rest easy knowing if will turn itself off for you.
I received this curling iron completely by accident, and what a happy accident that turned out to be. I love to try new things with my hair, be it products or color or styles or tools, so i was excited to try this auto rotating curling iron. I have never seen another auto rotating curling iron like the Xtava. With the simple push of a button the barrel rotates and your hair is curling. That's just one of the many great features on this curling iron i love. The 8 foot cord that swivels is another great feature. I also like the adjustable temperature setting. I have thick hair and need the high temperature, but my best friend has thinner hair and needs the lower temperature. Next time we both get ready at my house she can curl her hair and then i can curl mine at the right temperatures with just a few pushes of the temperature button. Plus the barrel is ceramic, so it heats evenly and quickly. The only thing i can see as a downfall is that the clamp button is close to where the rotation buttons are, so i did hit them on accident a few times. Still, this curling iron is the best i have ever used. It's 1000 times better than any cheap curling iron i have ever used, and i prefer it hands down to the curling wand i was using before i got it. This is one of two Xtava products I own now, and I am so impressed with them both. Xtava is a great brand and their products are high quality. You can check them out at the Xtava website and you can order your own Xtava auto rotating curling iron on amazon


Xtava Infrared Straightening Iron

Anyone who has ever been in the same house with me when getting ready for anything can attest to the fact that it takes me an annoyingly long amount of time to get ready. 40+ minutes of which is just straightening my hair. So i was incredibly excited when i got the chance to review a ceramic plate, infrared technology flat iron from Xtava. Infrared heat waves heat the hair from the inside out, protecting the cuticle, reducing surface tension, and leaving hair silkier and less frizzy. The Xtava flat iron has wide 2 inch plates, so you get the most hair straightened in the least amount of strokes. A feature I really like is the temperature control function. You can choose the temperature setting that is right for your hair type, lower for thinner/fine hair, higher for thicker/curly hair, between 265F-445F. The ceramic plates heat quickly and evenly, and reach their temperature with 90 seconds. Another great feature I have come to love on the Xtava products is their 360 degree swivel cords. You never have to fight with or get tangled in a cord anymore, it rotates with you as you work. Their cords are also 8 feet long, so you don't have to be tethered to an outlet, you can share counter and bathroom space without being confined. The straightener also has a great auto-shutoff safety feature, so if you rush out and leave it on, you can rest easy knowing it will shut itself off for you.

 I have very thick hair, to straighten it takes me 40 minutes, doing it one half of my head at a time, 3 sections each side, with numerous passes of the straightener. Not with the Xtava Infrared Iron. I sectioned off each side of my head, then sectioned one side off into 2 sections. The first section i did was done in like 3 minutes. Each section was straight having been gone over just one time, with the exception of some stubborn flipped out ends. I was amazed. My hair was so straight, and it was warm to the touch, not burning hot like with some straighteners i have used before. I love that you can control the temperature for your hair type, and the swivel cord feature on all their products is one of the things i love most. No more cords in my way all the time. The location of the power and temperature buttons being on the side of the handle is a little odd, i did hit the power off button once and have to turn it back on and wait for it to heat back up, but thankfully that takes less than 2 minutes. The ceramic plates and infrared heating really do make a difference in your hair, my hair was much smoother than it usually is with my other straightener, and i didn't need to use any smoothing spray afterwards. I used to own a $120 ceramic straightening iron and it didn't work as good as this one does or leave my hair as smooth as this one does. This is my second Xtava product I've used and I am so impressed with the quality of their brand and their products. You can check them out at the Xtava website and you can order your own Infrared Flat Iron on amazon.

I was supposed to receive this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review. Due to shipping error at amazon, i received a different product. I was so interested in trying this one out, and had heard so many good things about it, i purchased it myself to review. It was well worth every penny. 

La Lune Naturals Zinc Oxide Powder

 I recently have begun to be a lot more mindful of what i am putting into, and onto, my body. I have started reading ingredient lists and there are just so many chemicals in everything. So the idea of making more of my own natural products had begun to appeal to me, then i got the chance to try La Lune Naturals Zinc powder in exchange for my honest review and i'm so glad i did. La Lune's Zinc powder is un-coated, non-nano, vegan and kosher certified. Non-nano means the particles are bigger than 10mm and can't be absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. They actually sit on the skin and form a protective barrier. The Zinc powder comes in a resealable jar and you get a nice amount for your money. The best part is that it has so many uses. Homemade sunscreen, baby powder, deodorant, use it in moisturizer, for acne, for dandruff...and all without adding a ton of chemicals that are doing who knows what to your body! If you want to go natural and make more of your own products and need a high quality Zinc Oxide powder, i fully recommend this one. It even comes with an ebook that has 10 easy to follow recipes for everyday products made with Zinc. (sunscreen, rash cream, deoderant, ect.) You can order your own jar on amazon. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I never recommend products I don't like or use personally. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts

I would guess that almost everyone knows that soaking in a bath with Epsom Salts is relaxing and soothing, and is considered good for you. Most probably don't know Dead Sea Salts are even better, because they contain a higher mineral concentration and provide more soothing relief from aches and dry skin. Adovia Dead Sea Salts are better still because they contain no added colors, scents or anything that could irritate your skin or any allergies you may have. I suffer from nasal allergies and am sensitive to scents, so that is a big plus in my book! I like that the Adovia sea salt is a fine grain salt so it dissolves quickly and more completely than some salts. The salts come in a resealable zip top bag, locking out moisture. Fill your tub with warm water, add a cup of the Dead Sea Salts, and soak away your stress and soar muscles. Dead Sea Salts can be used for relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms, overexerted muscles, joint and muscle aches, and dry skin. My personal favorite way to use them, is in a nice steaming hot bath, with a few candles. It turns my bathroom into my own personal spa. You can also make your own high quality salt scrub with the Adovia Dead Sea Salt. You can order your own bag of Adovia Dead Sea Salt on amazon.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I never recommend products I don't like or use personally.   

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pet Grooming Mitt by CLD Brands

Everyone with pets knows how important it is to brush them regularly. They also know that it's not always easy to brush them. Some pets hate it, some fight it, some run and hide when the brush comes out. That's where the Pet Grooming Mitt comes in. You can groom and brush your pet while you pet them and give them a gentle massage. It makes grooming a low stress bonding time. The mitt has a rubber side with little flexible rubber tips that penetrate your pets coat, removing loose hair and tangles while massaging the skin. The tips can also be used to pick up hair left behind on furniture and fabric. The other side of the glove is nylon mesh, allowing air to flow through so your hand stays cool while you groom your pet. The glove is one size fits all and is comfortable to wear. The glove can also be used for washing your dog, the rubber tips are perfect for scrubbing and getting your pet clean. The mitt really is so easy to use. You simply put it on, then pet your animal just like your normally would. The mitt does all the work! To truly test out how well it works I enlisted the help of my friend and her cat Baby. Baby HATES to be groomed. When she is brushed she scratches and tries to bite. She has to be held down and sometimes have the mask put on to keep her from biting. We tried the mitt out on Baby, using it while petting her gently, and she only hissed in disapproval maybe 4 or 5 times. She didn't run off until we got to her back side, but that's normal for her, she hates being brushed back there. It's my opinion that this is a good tool for the fussy animal that doesn't enjoy being brushed, and for any pet owner who just wants to make brushing and grooming their pet a little easier. You can order your own Pet Grooming Mitt from CLD brands on amazon. If you or your special animal is not 100% happy, your purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee!

received this product in exchange for my honest review.
 I never recommend products i don't like or use personally. 

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