Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Xtava Auto Rotating Curling Iron

I have a few curling irons that sit under my sink, collecting dust. My hair does not hold curl well, so I just don't usually even bother. So imagine my frustration when I open a box from amazon expecting an awesome new flat iron and find...a curling iron. It was a really nice high end looking curling iron, but still. Then I saw on the box it said “auto rotating.” I was curious about that so I opened the box and read the instruction book. Which made me even more curious. I really wanted to try it out. After making a call to amazon, I arranged to keep the curling iron and I re-ordered the flat iron.

This curling iron does most of the work, and it does it very well. You simply place the end of your hair in the clamp, and then press the direction button on the handle. The barrel then rotates, wrapping your hair around the barrel. You release the button to stop the rotation. You can choose how far up the hair to curl, and you can curl small strands for tight curls, or thick chunks for beachy waves. The barrel is ceramic tourmaline, which evenly distributes heat and helps prevent damage to the hair. The curling iron has a heat control with 11 different temperature settings between 210F-430F, allowing you to choose the right temperature for your hair type. Lower temperatures for thinner, fine hair and higher temperatures for thick, wavy/curly hair. It has an easy to read LCD screen. It has a nice, 360 degree, 8 foot long swivel cord, so you don't have to be right next to an outlet, and you won't get tangled in your cord or have to fight with it getting in your way. The Xtava curling iron also features an auto-shutoff safety feature, so if you ever forget to turn it off and leave the house, you can rest easy knowing if will turn itself off for you.
I received this curling iron completely by accident, and what a happy accident that turned out to be. I love to try new things with my hair, be it products or color or styles or tools, so i was excited to try this auto rotating curling iron. I have never seen another auto rotating curling iron like the Xtava. With the simple push of a button the barrel rotates and your hair is curling. That's just one of the many great features on this curling iron i love. The 8 foot cord that swivels is another great feature. I also like the adjustable temperature setting. I have thick hair and need the high temperature, but my best friend has thinner hair and needs the lower temperature. Next time we both get ready at my house she can curl her hair and then i can curl mine at the right temperatures with just a few pushes of the temperature button. Plus the barrel is ceramic, so it heats evenly and quickly. The only thing i can see as a downfall is that the clamp button is close to where the rotation buttons are, so i did hit them on accident a few times. Still, this curling iron is the best i have ever used. It's 1000 times better than any cheap curling iron i have ever used, and i prefer it hands down to the curling wand i was using before i got it. This is one of two Xtava products I own now, and I am so impressed with them both. Xtava is a great brand and their products are high quality. You can check them out at the Xtava website and you can order your own Xtava auto rotating curling iron on amazon


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goria12wills said...

I am really happy that you liked it. My hair is also very unmanageable and I really hate that but when I heard about these curling irons, I was really surprised and happy. Now I am eagerly waiting for my order to be received.