Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bloominus Flowers

 Recently I was part of helping a friend plan a surprise wedding. It was an amazing experience, and brought back memories of my own wedding. The one thing that was a headache with my wedding was flowers. Did I just want a bouquet? And why for the love of everything are flowers so expensive? I'm not the only one who has had those thoughts, which is what led to the founding of Bloominous, an online DIY flower kit seller. Bloominous was started with a simple goal, make DIY wedding flowers simple, easy and affordable. They have succeeded.

So what does a DIY wedding flower kit from bloominous look like? Each kit contains farm-direct flowers, guaranteed to be fresh and beautiful. The flowers are cut to order and prepared and shipped within 2-3 days before your wedding so that they are fresh and vibrant for your big day. The kits are all designed by experienced wedding florists to look beautiful and be easy to arrange. Each kit includes any needed vases and ribbons and wires or pins, and has easy to follow instructions with photos.

Bloominous is so sure they can help you save money and have the amazing flowers you want they offers a 3 part promise to every customer.
  1. You can order a trial kit of any of their arrangements so you can assess the design and make sure you truly love it before you purchase a whole package.
  2. Precise customization options for your budget and desires. They have several base packages that you can add a la cart pieces to make bundles suited to your wedding needs, so no money or flowers are wasted.
  3. They guarantee delivery. Deliveries are made 2-3 days prior to the wedding, and if for some reason the original package cannot be delivered on time, they replicate the order using flowers from the Los Angeles flower market and overnight it to you at their own cost, so you know you will have your flowers for your wedding.

Bloominous has taken a simple idea, and made it a fabulous website. They have kits to suit every brides need, and offer a 100% Fresh quality guarantee. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your order, they will replace or refund it. If you are planning a wedding, or a big party where flowers would be needed, or know someone who is, I recommend a trip to their website. You can also check out some of their video's on youtube to get an idea of just how easy it is. They also have an amazing pinterest page, full of idea's and tips for wedding planning. 

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