Thursday, March 5, 2015

Easy@Home Early Pregnacy Tests

Anyone who has ever tried to get pregnant knows the hardest part is waiting to see the positive test results. You begin to love those “results 2 days sooner” tests. Thankfully, there are some that actually work. Early at home Early Pregnancy Tests come in an 8 pack for $15. Easy @ Home tests have a sensitivity of 25 mlU/hcg, which is the same as First Response brand, and is more sensitive than E.P.T which measures 40 mlU/hcg. This is a huge plus for anyone who is TTC, as that really does mean you could see a positive result up to 2 days sooner. The tests come in one box, but come individually wrapped, so you don't need to open one till you're ready to use it. You can test by putting the tip midstream or dipping it into a collected sample, and the results show up in under a minute, but the directions do state to read the results between 3-5 minutes after use. The results are very easy to read, 2 lines means pregnant, 1 line means not pregnant. If you are actively TTC and need pregnancy tests in large quantities, and don't like the strip tests, I would recommend these. You can order your own 8 count box on amazon. Easy @ home also makes ovulation tests for those TTC, which you can also order on amazon.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I never recommend products I don't like or use personally.  

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