Monday, March 2, 2015

Lean 180 Get Lean Kit by Skinny Jane

The Lean 180 Get Lean Kit by Skinny Jane is a system of shakes, cleanse pills and burn supplements, in conjunction with diet and exercise, that is supposed to help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism, give you added energy, help you shed unwanted pounds and build muscle. The product claims you can lose 5-10 pounds in just one weeks time.

Lean 180 Muscle Mix Protein Shake
The Muscle Mix Protein Shake is a blend of 7 proteins and MCT powder to help decrease appetite and maximize weight loss. It helps boost metabolism and support lean muscle, speeding weight loss and giving you added energy. It dissolves easily, so you don't get any gritty powder in your shakes. Each bag contains enough powder for 30 shakes.

Lean 180 Burn, Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplement
Contains Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Keytone, Garcinia Cambogia, Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract to maximize weight loss and suppress your appetite. Helps Boost your energy naturally. Increases your endurance.

Lean 180 Cleanse Supplement
Contains all natural ingredients that help cleanse toxins from the body, without causing bloating or sick feelings. Helps speed weight loss, and helps you feel lighter and healthier.

I tried the whole Lean 180 system for one week. I used the Lean 180 Muscle mix shakes, the Lean 180 Burn supplement and the Lean 180 Cleanse. I did not follow the diet plan they include exactly due to some health issue i'm working with my doctor on, so that plays some part of my results i'm sure. The diet plan they include is pretty restrictive, but that is what gets you the results. Still, using the system as they recommend I lost 4 pounds in 1 week, and had an increase in my energy level from the second day on. I didn't have any negative side effects, which I really was glad about. You can check out the system and order your own on amazon.         

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. 
I never recommend I don't like or use personally.

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