Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plus Sized Jewels Bracelet

 Plus Sized Jewels makes high quality jewelry containing nickle and lead complaint alloys that resist corrosion and wear, and look like real silver. The glass beads are cute and sparkle like crystals, and come in rich beautiful colors. The bracelets are custom made to be one inch bigger than most stretch bracelets, so they will fit any wrist comfortably. They make wonderful gifts.

The bracelet I received has beautiful, heavy beads that really sparkle. The green color is gorgeous, and the silver beads have etching. The bracelet has nice stretch to it, and it doesn't feel like the bracelet will snap if snagged or tugged a little. It's strong enough to handle normal wear and tear which is great for someone with kids like me. It's nice that these are “plus sized” and larger than normal stretch bracelets, so I know it will fit and not be to tight. Plus it's backed by a 90 days manufacturer's money-back guarantee. You can order your own in any of the beautiful colors they offer on amazon.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I never recommend products I don't like or use personally.

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