Monday, January 18, 2016

Luther and Katharina by JudyHedlund

Love and Rebellion...

The year is 1523, Martin Luther's teaching have slipped into the abbey were Sister Katharina von Bora resides. His words are powerful and awakens the desire for marriage and a family in Katharina. She leads a handful of nuns in an escape from the abbey, to forsake their vows and follow Doctor Luther. Danger follows the sisters and Abbott Baltazar will stop at nothing to see the nuns returned and punished for their sinful ways. Doctor Luther protects the sisters and finds them husbands and homes to begin a new life. All the while steadfast in his vow to remain single. Katharina and Martin are as opposite as can be, yet they are drawn together despite the never ending tension. Little does he know that the fiery sister who led these brave nuns to freedom would steal his heart. Katharina is of noble birth however, and longs to return to her social class and regal way of life. Will she be able to put aside her stubborn desires for true love? Will Doctor Luther be able to forsake his vow of isolation? When life is at its darkest, love triumphs through it all.

This novel is one of those books that sheds light on the differences between the Catholic and Protestant faiths. I found Hedlund’s first historical a compelling and intriguing read because the author, who well known for her talent in infusing historical research into her novels, blended so many elements into her prose that I fell seamlessly into the story. From the emotionally driven Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora, to the tension and pain of the German people, to the politically charged reasoning of the princes and peasants, Hedlund covered every aspect of the story to make it come alive. It is obvious that much research was done for the writing of this novel, and the history was interesting. The novel also had a very dark and heavy presence, with graphic descriptions of violence and its result. Despite this i still connected to the characters and enjoyed the book thoroughly

I received this book to review thanks to Blogging For Books. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.