Monday, July 18, 2016

The Drawing Lesson by Mark Crilley

 The Drawing Lesson is a graphic novel that teaches you how to draw. The book follows a young boy named David, who meets a woman in the park who is drawing. He asks her to help teach him, and in each chapter we get to see him learning something new with Becky's help. Page by page, Becky teaches David (and the reader) about the essential fundamentals that artists need in order to master drawing. The book includes lessons on shading, negative space, and creating compositions, with easy to follow exercises to help you master the techniques.
My son Landon LOVES to draw. He also LOVES comic books. When I saw this book I knew that he would love it. The book is beautifully illustrated. The characters make it more interesting to read and follow over just an instructional drawing book. My son loves reading and using his drawing pad to try out the new techniques. This book is perfect for any child who loves to draw, loves art and loves to learn.
I received this book to review from Blooging for Books. My review and my opinions are 100% my own.

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